We know how essential it is for a very young child to feel sheltered and loved, and this definitely is our main goal. Our team members are emotion experts. This is the reason why, hugs and cuddles, warm smiles, watchful looks and joyfulness of the educator go along with every learning step.


We follow the guidelines provided by the “Stretch-n-Grow” program that facilitates the acquisition of healthy habits with songs, stories and dynamic games. Our menus are carefully elaborated by nutritionists and our diet takes into consideration everyone’s need. This way, we are able to favour a healthy diet from the very beginning. We introduce new recipes and food according to the needs of every child. We believe that every moment of the day may provide education and we especially care about those repetitive moments that are so emotionally important due to their emotional charge: hygiene, food, rest...


Thanks to a continuous training and research in our educational field we are able to integrate include neuropedagogy and emotion. BECAUSE THERE IS NO LEARNING WITHOUT EMOTIONS. Our psychopedagogical area investigates and introduces ceaseless improvement within the Educational Project. Our practise is therefore based on and inspired by the most accredited investigations, specialized conferences lectures as well as on and our professional experience.


We enjoy and learn from diversity and we are well aware that every child has her/his own personality and rhythm to evolve, create and feel. On a daily basis we focus on promoting atmosphere and activities that stimulate experience, discovery and relationship…in order to give creative answers to everyday situations.


Our work method integrates and expands the most relevant psycho-pedagogical key components of pre-school education, combined with the contribution of the results of the latest investigations in other scientific fields, such as neurology. We implement an active, playful, participative, experimental methodology, that takes into account what every child is interested in according to her/his age with full respect for every individual learning rhythm.


We also enrich our methodology thanks to contributions from the relational psychomotricity (Aucouturier), from the free movement (Pickler, Seitai), also from Waldorf educational system, the systemic look, the child massage, the creative education, as well as from the multiple intelligence theory and the knowledge of several theories about children development (Piaget, Vigotsky, Wallon, Winicott, etc). Our methodology is also enhanced by the survey achieved by professionals such as Dr. Jorge Ferré Veciana, specialist in the neuro-senso-psychomotor development of the baby.

Benefits of our Educational Project

Our work method integrates the outcome of the latest research on the brain evolution and process when supported by by the best educational methods. Between 0 and 3 years old, children learn about what moves and surprises them, they learn more than in any other period of life. The quantity and quality of their learning will mostly depend on the capacity of the environment to match their basic needs as well as their neurological needs.

We are highly involved in the Barcelona City Council environmental education “Escoltes + sostenibles” program (Agenda21Escolar), an educational platform that promotes sustainability and ecological responsibility and awareness.
A specific musical stimulation program designed for every class: the main goal is to enjoy and have a good time while we learn to communicate through a language that goes beyond words, music! We bring into play several propositions and musical activities to dance, sing, play and listen to the music!
It is not only about learning English, but mainly about having the children used to other language structures. We provide them a rich, proper and constant language pattern through funny activities to enrich their expressive language, and to uplift their musical and body language. We include storytelling, songs, poetry and articulatory and bucco-facial praxis games. Our English learning method is based on the latest research on bilingualism at early ages. We use everyday situations as a starting point to make learning easy and we integrate the “Total Physical Response” that unifies language and movement. A natural approach, just like the learning process of any other language.