Opening Hours

  • 7:30am - 19:00pm

Every classroom is provided with cameras so that you will be able to see your children through a private website where you will also find any useful information on the school, lunch menus, activities, memos, notices, cameras, etc.
Specific area to encourage every stage of the neuro-sensorial and motor system development through several patterns: turning around, crawling, first steps… It will also allow us to work on the vestibular system (through instability) and on the proprioception.
Specific safe outdoor area for games.
We cook in our own kitchen, daily meals, healthy and eco Km0 food.
Even though we give priority to natural elements, non-structural, semi-structural and structural materials are available: they meet the kids’ needs and concerns at this stage.
Pediatrician telemedicine service, connected with the Kids Hospital of Barcelona (Hospital de Nens de Barcelona)


Swimming, music, extracurricular activities, educational outside visits, experimental and discovery workshops, etc...