Kindergarten & Nursery in Vila Olímpica of Barcelona

We stand for Associació Pedagògica La Vila, a non-for-profit entity established in the area for 10 years. We keep a constant collaboration with the Vila Olímpica Neighbours Association, the shopkeepers Association and we are members of the Educational City Project (PEDC in Catalan). The kindergarten Chiqui La Vila is managed by APLa Vila and is subsidised by the Catalan government. It is a nursery school for children between 0 and 3 years old. We aspire to be an alternative to traditional schooling, and offer a judgement-free, friendly and respectful follow-up. We are focused on a lively and active education that puts the child at the centre of their own progressive evolution. We are aware that it is essential to remain within the legal frame of our territory, with all due official health, fire (ECA) and education licences (code given by the Catalan Education Department:0868112).

Subsidized by the Catalan Government, Generalitat de Catalunya & Diputació de Barcelona.

We have the Healthy Life Seal granted by Education, Culture and Sports Ministry, for promotions of the healthy health and life that we make in the educational field. We place particular emphasis on the habits of hygiene, slepp, food, affection and permanent discovery of the immense possibilitties that our body offers us.

We also have the Seal Approved by Mammaproof "we give it to local businesses, with educational, sustainable values ​​and/or with social impact".
We are highly involved in the Barcelona City Council environmental education “Escoltes + sostenibles” program (Agenda21Escolar), an educational platform that promotes sustainability and ecological responsibility and awareness.

We have an air purifier capable of eliminating a wide range of contaminant gases, volatile organic compounds which is particularly well suited to eliminate virus, bacteria, allergens, fungi, molds, etc.

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An outstanding educational project

Our project unifies and integrates the results of the latest research about brain functioning and development with the best didactic tools. Between 0 and 3 years old, children learn about what moves and surprises them, they learn more than in any other period of life. The quantity and quality of their learning will mostly depend on the capacity of the environment to match their basic needs as well as their neurological needs.


We know how essential it is for a very young child to feel sheltered and loved, and this definitely is our main goal.

Our team members are emotion experts. This is the reason why, hugs and cuddles, warm smiles, watchful looks and joyfulness of the educator go along with every learning step.


We follow the guidelines provided by the “Stretch-n-Grow” program that facilitates the acquisition of healthy habits with songs, stories and dynamic games.

Our menus are carefully elaborated by nutritionists and our diet takes into consideration everyone’s need. This way, we are able to favour a healthy diet from the very beginning. We introduce new recipes and food according to the needs of every child.

We believe that every moment of the day may provide education and we especially care about those repetitive moments that are so emotionally important due to their emotional charge: hygiene, food, rest...


Thanks to a continuous training and research in our educational field we are able to integrate include neuropedagogy and emotion. BECAUSE THERE IS NO LEARNING WITHOUT EMOTIONS.

Our psychopedagogical area investigates and introduces ceaseless improvement within the Educational Project. Our practise is therefore based on and inspired by the most accredited investigations, specialized conferences lectures as well as on and our professional experience.


We enjoy and learn from diversity and we are well aware that every child has her/his own personality and rhythm to evolve, create and feel.

On a daily basis we focus on promoting atmosphere and activities that stimulate experience, discovery and relationship…in order to give creative answers to everyday situations.


Our work method integrates and expands the most relevant psycho-pedagogical key components of pre-school education, combined with the contribution of the results of the latest investigations in other scientific fields, such as neurology.

We implement an active, playful, participative, experimental methodology, that takes into account what every child is interested in according to her/his age with full respect for every individual learning rhythm.


We also enrich our methodology thanks to contributions from the relational psychomotricity (Aucouturier), from the free movement (Pickler, Seitai), also from Waldorf educational system, the systemic look, the child massage, the creative education, as well as from the multiple intelligence theory and the knowledge of several theories about children development (Piaget, Vigotsky, Wallon, Winicott, etc). Our methodology is also enhanced by the survey achieved by professionals such as Dr. Jorge Ferré Veciana, specialist in the neuro-senso- psychomotor development of the baby.


Even though we give priority to natural elements, non-structural, semi-structural and structural materials are available: they meet the kids’ needs and concerns at this stage.

Benefits of our Educational Project

Do you want to visit the school?

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From our nursery school we offer a welcoming environment for the integral development of children. With a team of passionate professionals and a varied methodology, we stimulate their cognitive, physical and emotional growth. Our facilities are modern and secure, providing an environment conducive to your well-being.


Every classroom is provided with cameras so that you will be able to see your children through a private website where you will also find any useful information on the school, lunch menus, activities, memos, notices, cameras, etc.

Playground and psicomotricity area

The school has an outdoor playground and a large indoor area where the children develop their psychomotor skills through play. In the outdoor playground, we have many different games: motorcycles, wooden materials, rocking chairs, tunnels, huts to hide... Water games in summer with splash pool included! In the indoor psychomotricity area we do circuits, balance, proprioception, obstacles, crawling, twisting and turning... Games!


Body exercises to enhance attention, relaxation and help acquire body awareness.


We cook in our own kitchen, daily meals, healthy and eco Km0 food.


Pediatric emergency service with an agreement with the Hospital de Nens de Barcelona. It is a pediatric assessment system that provides the support of a pediatrician 24 hours a day through an Internet or telephone connection with the emergency service of the HNB. Parenting school with 2 talks per school year (illnesses, first aid, pediatric dentist, sleep, etc.).


Isabel, a registered psychologist, visits us weekly to monitor the groups of children, the interactions that occur in the classroom and offers support to the educational team and families. She also carries out individualized support programs for the children who may need it. We hold meetings for the families, dealing with topics about the education and evolution of the kids (potty training, limits and disobedience, emotional education, etc.).


It is an optional activity that offers an introductory course to swimming, building confidence and safety of the child in the water in the Nova Icaria Sports Center in our neighborhood of Vila Olímpica.


At our children's school, we are aware of the needs of families today, which is why we want to help you to combine your work life with your peace of mind. We have a very wide and flexible schedule, adaptable to your needs.
  • 07:30 a 09:00WELCOME

  • 9:00 a 17:00*CHILDREN'S SCHOOL

    Half Day Morning 9:00 to 12:00*
    Half Day Afternoon 15:00 to 18:00*
  • 17:00 a 19:00EXTENSION

*There is an option to add a dining room in all options.

For other needs, please consult with the Center.

Our Team



Psychology Degree, Diploma in Early Childhood Education Teaching, Master in Educational Centers Management.


Pedagogical Director

Diploma in Early Childhood Education


School psychologist

Psychology Degree


English Teacher

Child Education Technician


Child Education Technician end Pedagogue


Child Education Technician


Child Education Technician


Diploma in Teaching Early Childhood Education and Leisure Director


Child Education Technician Infantil


Child Education Technician


Child Educator


Leisure monitor


Leisure monitor


Kitchen team





Our classrooms


Manta fish

We identify ourselves as a school with the manta fish, it gives us good feelings...


The Mediterranean Sea and its animals are the school’s topic.


The classrooms decoration is inspired by the chosen mascot.


The children learn and enjoy with their mascots.


We have different classrooms for every evolutive period.


Families’ implication is crucial.


We love our quiet and bright neighbourhood.


We use any type of sensorial material to awaken creativity and expermientation.

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